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Build your look around fabulous basics, so accessories become the key to your personal style. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or small, slender or curvy – accessories are the easiest things to adapt to your shape. If you … Continue reading

Fibre to Yarn

All natural fabrics begin life as fibres. These natural fibres whether animal or plant in origin are spun into yarn, which in turn is constructed int fabric. Fibre: The term fibre can be applied to animal, vegetable or mineral substances, … Continue reading

Fashion Faux Pas

Identifying a ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ can be tricky as fashion trends change so quickly. But there are some looks and ‘trends’ that will ALWAYS fail to flatter. Bras with transparent plastic straps: A stylish, ‘real’ bra is sexier and what … Continue reading

Urban Chic

indyK’s Urban Chic Style. Photos from the show below, Enjoy! The launch of indyK was a success, thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.


I will unveil my first clothing collection with an exclusive launch event on June 9th in Singapore. I have created a range for women with a taste for practical, easy chic. The range should be a perfect fit, for women … Continue reading