Flying in Style

When you want to get out for a quick getaway, you can sometimes pack your bags in haste! I’ve put together a quick list of items every suitcase needs.

We all want to look good at the airport! So here is my checklist to fly in style:

  • A big, warm sweater is key. You never know how cold planes can get and even though your destination might be a warm one, you can get caught out on cooler nights. Make sure you wear layers on the flight so you can strip down as required.
  • Moisturiser, lip balm and eye drops … stay hydrated, ALWAYS!
  • Socks for the plane once you are out of your shoes.
  • indyK ballets flats (for me of course). Don’t think about travelling in boots and heels. I travelled in a pair of boots just a few days ago. I was too scared to take them off in case I was unable to get them back on again. Trap for young players.
  • A large indyK tote bag for your book, magazines and iPad.

Now for the suitcase:

Make sure your suitcase is black in color, you don’t need crazy print bags with palm-trees and bright colors. Just make sure you have a clearly labelled tag…

Bring the basics with you; tank, t-shirt and jeans, a striped mariniere top (especially if your getaway is by the water), sunglasses, indyK ballets flats and sneakers (Converse is my first choice or Bensimon as my second choice).

The rest is up to you and how light you want to travel …

Safe travels