Fashion Faux Pas

Identifying a ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ can be tricky as fashion trends change so quickly. But there are some looks and ‘trends’ that will ALWAYS fail to flatter.

Bras with transparent plastic straps:
A stylish, ‘real’ bra is sexier and what is wrong with a strapless bra.

G-strings with low, low, way too low hipster jeans:
Need we say more!

Wearing your entire jewelry collection at once:
No special event is big enough for that particular faux pas.

Bum bags (or fanny pack if you are from the US):
Fashion is not synonymous with practical.

Matching tights, shoes and bag:

Hard look to pull off even for models.

See-through pants:
Please explain why they are at all necessary?

T-shirts with “messages”:
They seldom are funny, and generally more degrading. Avoid at all cost.

Socks with sandals:
Someone is yet to pull-off that look.

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Love, Smile, Play